At The Organic Food Co. we don’t just believe in charity we believe it should go further. We don’t just stop at giving a man a fish we also teach him how to catch the best fish then take it to the market and get the best price. We don’t stop there though. We then buy the fish from him at the best price and sell it to you at an affordable price. This is what we call socially responsible business. Which is why you will only find the best quality Palestinian Rumi Tree Extra Virgin Olive Oil in our premium #olevoo olive oils and highest quality extra virgin olive oil used to make the Olevoo soaps.

As a company one of our aims is to go into countries affected by conflict or illegal occupation and work with local farmers and companies and bring their best products to the world market. At the moment we are working with farmers, packaging and shipping companies in Palestine and Yemen. We are aiming to go in to Syria and Egypt in 2016 to bring you even more great products!


This is how we are looking after our world!