Olevoo Dead Sea Mud and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Soap


Introducing our new ‪Olevoo‬ ‪Organic‬ Dead Sea Mud and ‪Olive oil ‪‎soap made with only 6 natural ingredients using the same method for almost 2000 year. Keep your skin looking amazing with the miracles of the Dead Sea mud and lock in the moisture with pure extra virgin olive oil.

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Dead Sea Mud Is Special Because Twelve Of It’s Minerals Do Not Exist In Any Other Sea Or Ocean In The World.  Some Are Known To Have Unique Qualities, Such As Giving A Feeling Of Relaxation, Nourishing The Skin, Activating Blood Systems, Healing Rehumatic Diseases And Metabolic Disorders.

These Natural Minerals Are Essential For Correct Functioning Of The Human Body And The Different Skin Layers.  Trace Elements In Dead Sea Mud That Are Required In Small Quantities For Skin Renewal Activities And Serve As Essential Elements In Cell Functioning, Principally In Intercellular Communication.

The Minerals Are Essential For The Purpose Of “Exchanging Information” And Help To Transmit Signals Between The Cells, An Activity That Stimulates Cells To Renew Themselves, To Divide And Nourish The Top Layer Of Skin With An Increased Water Capacity.

They Also Participate In Process Of Bone Building, Blood Production, Hormone Activation.  Like Vitamins, These Minerals Are Not Supplied By The Body And Must Be Found Externally.  A Deficiency In One Of The Minerals Is Liable To Disrupt Skin Cell Activity, Cause Inflammation, Dryness & Early Aging.

Dead Sea Mud Soap Is Great For Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne Or Inflammation.  It Removes Dirt And Cleanses Your Skin While Infusing It With Minerals Essential To Keeping Your Skin Moisturized And Hydrated.  The Soap Gently Cleans Away, Oil, Bacteria And Dirt Particles, Leaving Skin Purified, And Detoxified.

Apply Daily To Face And/Or Body And Rinse. Avoid Contact With Eyes.

 Ingredients: Dead Sea Mud, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lavender essential oil, Sesame Oil, purified water, Sodium Hydroxide and Sodium Chloride.


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