Goat Milk and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Soap


Introducing our new ‪Olevoo‬ ‪Organic‬ Goat Milk and ‪Olive oil‬ ‪‎soap‬ made with only 6 natural ingredients using the same method for almost 2000 year

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This soap is ideal for anyone who is sensitive to harsh chemicals used in normal soaps and even some hypoallergenic soaps.The Goat Milk and Extra Virgin Olive Oil is also highly moisturizing due to the high olive oil content and moisturising and soothing properties of goat milk so its perfect for anyone with dry sensitive skin. All our ingredients are ‪‎ethically sourced and hand made by a small family run soap factory in Nablus, Palestine. The soaps are ethically sourced and made from the highest quality natural ingredients so you can rest assured you are buying the best for you and your loved ones. A portion of the proceeds from this sale will go to helping the local community.

 Ingredients: Goat Milk, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sesame Oil, water, sodium hydroxide and salt.


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