Olevoo Palestinian Rumi Tree Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Introducing our premium Rumi tree extra virgin olive oil, with its complex sweet aroma and unique spicy, grassy flavour.


The oil has been cold pressed from perfectly ripe olives on the 23rd of October 2015 within hours of being harvested using mechanical method only. The trees are known as Rumi, which is Arabic for Roman, as they were all planted during the roman era. Our oil is all from a single estate where all the trees are from Roman era and are of the Surri variety. The oil has not been blended with any other olive oils, unlike other brands. So when you buy an Olevoo Rumi Tree Extra Virgin Olive Oil rest assured that you are buying the purest surri extra virgin olive oil. The oil comes from a single, family owned olive orchard in Nablus, Palestine. The family has owned and cultivated these trees for generations. The trees are watered with rain water only so nothing artificial gets in. Our Rumi tree olive oil is free from GMO, always cold pressed and we ensure no chemicals are ever used in the pressing or filtration process. The oils are bottled straight after being pressed so all of the natures goodness can be captured just for you. At The Organic Food Company we believe in fair ethical trading which is why we buy directly from farmers at a fair price, bottle at source so more money goes back into the local community and we even donate some of the proceeds from the sales of each bottle back into local community projects.

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